Published December 1, 2017

5 Creative Ways to Re-Vamp a Glass Shade

So you’re wandering through Second Use, and you come across a bargain glass shade. It’s not an unlikely scenario, since we’ve got tons of lighting inventory on major sale right now. But what are you to do with this $1 beauty? Read below for some inspiration and check out this bonus DIY post for making a hanging planter with materials sourced entirely from 2U!

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Published December 2, 2017


$3 DIY: Hanging Planter

Looking to spruce up your hanging plant game? On a tight gift budget for that too-cool friend who already has everything? Look no further! Search no more! This DIY takes under an hour, and the end result is sure to impress even the snootiest plant hanger aficionado (Is that a thing? We’re not sure. If it is, they’d be impressed)!

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Published November 16, 2017

Holiday Hours

Check out our holiday hours as you plan your upcoming salvaging. And be sure to check out our seasonal events and sales!

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Published November 16, 2017

Black Friday Sale | 15% Off Everything!

Take 15% off of everything at both of our locations, browse exclusive Black Friday Inventory, pick up a 2U calendar, and check out our foundry pattern sale with prices starting at $1!

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Published November 6, 2017

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DIY: Balusters, Spindles and Furniture Feet Galore!

You may have heard or seen that we’ve recently acquired a massive amount of architectural goodies, namely balusters (also called spindles or stair sticks, a heated vocab debate here at 2U) and furniture feet.  What’s a salvage-savvy person to do with all these turned wood beauties? We’ve got some ideas for you to stare/stair at and find some inspiration for a rainy day project!


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Published November 2, 2017

Lockers and More From Lincoln High School!

Do you want to run through the halls of your high school? And scream at the top of your lungs? You’ll have to talk to John Mayer about that- but if you want to OWN a piece of your high school or at least something reminiscent, check out our selection of wares from Lincoln High School!

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