Habitat for Humanity

Since 1997, Second Use and local affiliates of Habitat for Humanity have built a productive relationship based on shared values. Both Second Use and Habitat are propelled forward with the goal of helping the community build affordable housing.  We work hard to stretch the material resources in our community.  We help people exercise and strengthen their skills in home building and/or renovation.  Both organizations are fundamentally connected to community.  On a business level, the relationship between Second Use and Habitat for Humanity of Seattle/King County makes sense too.  

People with extra building materials are often aware of Habitat through its great brand and name recognition, and they feel good about donating materials to benefit Habitat.  When the Second Use salvage team professionally deconstructs donated materials and sells them in its SODO store, it earns revenue as it generates funds for Habitat.  It is this win-win symbiosis in values and business that sustains the relationship.  In 2014 passed we passed the $2 million mark in funds raised for Habitat from material donations made through Second Use.  We look forward to helping Habitat for Humanity of Seattle/King County even more in the coming years.

For more information on Habitat for Humanity of Seattle/King County, please click here.

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