About the Project

A recent Second Use customer submitted these fantastic after shots of 6 pieces of bookmatched Teredo Clam Wood he purchased to use as an art piece in his hallway. The narrow space is used as a wine storage area and was in need of something that added character without taking up space. The natural beauty of the clam wood lends the perfect amount of organic charm without losing the clean, contemporary look of the space.

So What is Clam Wood Anyway?

Second Use is Seattle’s only source of Teredo Clam Wood. Often mistakenly called “wormwood,” this lumber has been milled from decommissioned log-boom boomsticks from the lumber mill at Port Gamble, WA. The boomsticks were long logs, joined by chains that were used to encircle and contain log bundles destined for the saw mill. These boomsticks spent most of their 20-50 year working lives in saltwater, and were therefore susceptible to infestation by Teredo clams or “shipworms.” Teredos enter the wood as a larva and spend their entire lives trapped and protected inside, enlarging their burrow as they grow.

The boomsticks this lumber was milled from is primarily old growth Douglas Fir and Western Hemlock, some of the logs over 500 years old. Milled Teredo lumber is a specialty wood used primarily in paneling, fencing, and furniture, though the rustic quality lends itself to many applications. Port Gamble, WA is one of the only places in the world where Teredo lumber is milled and produced today. Second Use offers a large selection of Teredo products in store as well as custom orders. If you don’t see the quantity, dimension, or style of lumber you are looking for, don’t hesitate to ask our staff about placing a custom order.

For more information about clam wood or to submit a project of your own, please contact: maryanne@seconduse.com