If you have acquainted yourself with our Customer Project Gallery, you have probably glimpsed a project that incorporates a mahogany plank: from the panelled walls of Smarty Pants Garage to this utilitarian desk to this multi-functioning coffee table, this material is a repurposed delight. Originally salvaged from Boeing Shipping containers, the mahogany planks are composed of many smaller strips of mahogany, forming a striking striped pattern.

Justin VanDyken of Straight 8 Woodworks recently submitted his use of the material, an elegant coffee table that highlights the natural striping of the planks with its clean lines and joinery.

VanDyken has been actively woodworking for about 3.5 years, but his knowledge delves far beyond this century. His preferred methods of construction revisit those of the 18th-20th century. His love of reclaimed material goes hand in hand with his preference for using older, pre World War II tools.

“I like to picture the previous owners of the tools [and material] using them,” VanDyken explains, “and the more I use them, the more I respect the quality of everything built before 1930… I have a hand plane made by Stanley for the country’s Centennial (known as the Liberty Bell Jointer) that I restored in 2015 and use everytime I build something. It works just as well if not better than it did when it came out of the factory 140 years ago.”

VanDyken’s specialties include joinery, casework, picture/mirror framing, and langstroth beehives, but he is open to commissions of many kinds. For more information about VanDyken or the coffee table pictured, please visit this link or contact him directly at: justinvandyken@gmail.com